This weeks project in c# came from the idea that when I download movies (only legal stuff ofc!) off of the internetz,

I want it to automagically unpack and transcode to mp4 and add it to iTunes so that I can stream from my computer to my AppleTV.

Pretty good use-case for a project if I say so myself 🙂

So, I created an application in c# which does the job for me.

It relies heavily on unrar (included in winrar ( and a damn nifty program called Handbrake (

You can find the source to my application here:

The code is somewhat quick-and-dirty. If you find ways to improve it, by all means: do so 🙂 There is a do-whatever-the-fuck-you-want license on this, choose one (thanks Patrik).

To make this work you need to edit the app.config file and specify where unrar and handbrakecli resides, since I think I would be in violation of copyright laws if I included them in the package.

If you want to use this with your torrent-application the way I did (using uTorrent) go to Settings and under Advanced you will find that you can enter a command to run when the torrent is complete. Set this to the program and “%D”. i.e. “c:\temp\AutoUnpackAndConvert.exe” “%D”

I also included a .regfile you can edit and run in order to integrate it with explorer.

There is really not that much error-detection in this code, so chances are there are some ways this application will throw exceptions left and right during some circumstances. Just a heads up.

I hope this was useful to someone (it is for me :). Leave a comment if you’d like.